Professional lighting No Program Obsolescence

Professional lighting No Program Obsolescence

Product no.: LIGHT&LIFE


LIGHT & LIFE is a company that is not based on the voracious and unconscious business to which today's society surrounds us. If it does not pretend to be a new business model based on real sustainability, in the need to change to a society that values ​​a quality service and in the belief that things can be done better and better and our duty is to try it.

At a time when technology is becoming advanced enough to adapt and offer products with which to increase the life cycle of a product, thus reducing the carbon footprint produced by all its processes; We believe that the limits are not technological, rather they put our needs and the environmental impact that these needs will generate.

LIGHT & LIFE bulbs are born from this feeling, designed to adapt to the still majority of the traditional thermal lamps. The first products are with E27 and E14 ferrules, the ones that have always accompanied us since Thomas Edison Alba. This time without limiting its useful life of deliberate use, and saving to the maximum that allows the best LED technology, without affecting its price or its environmental impact. These light sources are the first of a new generation born to change things - LIGHT & LIFE.

The GU10, Downlights and LED tubes of all sizes are already on sale !!

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